Reflections from Group Forms

This semester, I have had the pleasure of experimenting and indulging in the group forms course. In the beginning we were given tools to create compositional structures and movement phrases in group and collaborative settings. As we moved through the course, groups were divided into teams of similar aesthetic styles and critical thinking skills. Luckily, I was placed in a group of people who have similar learning styles and create choreographic structures that align with my own values. Continue reading


Raining Shards

My final project for composition 2. This work serves as commentary on mental illness and instability in young men. I choreographed this work with the intent of setting it on another body, but as it developed, the work grew a strong political and emotional meaning, that I felt was necessary for myself to portray. By observing its meaning on another body, I furthered the choreography and developed it even more to have a significant and understandable meaning.

I designed the sound myself. I layered the text Clatter by Neil Hilborn on top of LSDS by Ryoji Ikeda.

With Self-Awareness Comes Growth

In my course throughout the semester, I have encountered a diverse and dynamic range in my movement and compositional choices. This diverse range has created a vast repertoire of different studies that stylize and color my choices differently through each study. I feel that no study has tapped into the same, or similar, uses of movement, theme, or motif for more than one section, or for more than one study.

Continue reading

Volleyball Analysis

I had the pleasure of watching my little sister’s volleyball game over the Fall break and observing her and her team’s movement. I watched the girls swiftly move across the court while watching effort qualities, types of initiations, and body participations. This made for a very interesting way to watch the volleyball game, especially while staying invested in my younger sister’s team. Continue reading

Topographical Landscape Study

Working with Emily, Kat, and Mason was a great experience and I truly learned a lot from our collaboration. I respect all three of these people genuinely as artists and friends, making the ability to learn much more pleasant. I respected what all three of these people had to say, and took in a lot of their ideas until I had learned more about my own style by reflecting upon theirs. Continue reading

Interview with Pilobolus

Dance has formed a world wide community that spans across the globe. It seems that dancers have this innate connection to one another, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or language, simple because we can speak to one another using our bodies. In my Freshmen Seminar class, I was tasked, with my partner Abby Frank, to interview Pilobolus dancer Shawn Ahern. At first, I was extremely taken aback when I heard Pilobolus. This dance company is one of the most well known, athletic, and artistic companies in the United States. I was nervous to talk to Shawn initially, but realized that he was in the same place I was at some point; a sophomore in college working towards his degree in dance, but not sure where he may end up after graduation. Continue reading

Site Specific Composition Study

For this composition study, we were tasked to make a site-specific work, which is a task I am no stranger to. I have done numerous other site specific works in my dance training in classes, projects, and even professional paid opportunities. In all of these scenarios, I was tasked to find a non-conventional dancing space, and create a dance that utilizes the space, as well as having performative aspects. Basically, I love finding spaces that are conventionally used, and turning them into my stage. There are so many aspects to play with, and ultimately that is why I chose this space for my comp study. Continue reading

Wow-o-wow-o-wow-o-wow-o-wow: Day 4

Today, I finally got a chance to explore a lot while also having a magical day on the beaches of Miami. I am beginning to realize that Monika and I just want to explore Miami and witness as much about it as possible. The most magical part of the day was when we found a natural rock path that spanned about 200 yards into the ocean, and I was DETERMINED to get to the end of that path. I began dancing on top of the flat portion of the rock path, which was parallel to a pier. People began to line up along the pier and watch me do my improvisation as I was taking in everything from the environment and beginning to channel it into my dancing. Continue reading


Day two in Miami: Resiliency

Today we had a slow morning, daylight savings time really hit us. I guess that is what happens after you take an entire 24 hour drive down to Miami. We woke up and headed to McDonalds to grab breakfast, then went grocery shopping so we all could have food for the whole week. I grabbed my typical snacking food for the week, and sadly did not grab any dinners, but whatever, maybe I can treat myself to a good dinner one night this week. Continue reading

Evening 1 in MIAMI: Florida

Evening one in Miami: Sitting on a balcony about 27 floors up. Today, we explored Miami Beach and walked around the area on the island. I did not realize how fascinated I was with Geography until I went on this trip.

–Oh this trip, my friend Khayman called me up about Tuesday evening this week and prompted me to go on a trip with him to Miami. Something quite spontaneous and quite frankly, very unplanned. We would drive down to Miami on Friday afternoon, arrive Saturday morning, and then stay at a house for the week. I fly back Friday morning. Continue reading